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A Family Orientated Approach

Elite by name & by skill

We are a family-owned Sydney based pest management company and are some of Sydney’s Pest Control Experts; based out of the Hills District, we service all of Sydney. We treat all common (and uncommon) household pests including Termites. We are also qualified & accredited to service all commercial, industrial, health care and food industry sectors. After years spent working with the ‘big companies’ we grew fed up with their poor service and profit before clients policy. We knew we could do better. That’s how Pest elite was born.
We’re proud to say that we are one of Australia’s most experienced companies. Our Technical/Operations Manager, Gary Stephenson, is one of the most highly qualified pest control experts in the country. Our customers are our priority. We take great pride and care in our work to ensure our customers receive the best service possible. We are so confident you’ll be happy with us, we guarantee it.

We Promise You

Professional Quality Guarantee
Professional Quality Guarantee
Safety First
Safety First
12 Month Warranty
12 Month Warranty

Our staff are fully trained and certified. We don’t believe in shortcuts and will always ensure you are kept in the loop with everything along the way.

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Our Pest Control Experts

Championing our company culture and mission, our leaders ensure that we are held to our values and every job is completed to our high standard, every time.

Frequent Asked Questions

Are the chemicals Pest Elite use safe for us?

Pest Elite make a conscious effort to use products, methods & technologies which are safe to use around people, pets, non-target species and the environment.  However, we don’t compromise on the results and effectiveness of our treatments.

The chemical products Pest Elite use are loosely referred to as ‘new generation chemistries’. They have undergone exhaustive research & development by reputable organisations to produce extremely low toxicity products which are safe but effective (which are desirable outcomes).

All the chemical products Pest Elite use are approved & registered by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority for use in and around domestic premises, food manufacturing establishments, health & aged care facilities, hospitality, pharmaceutical and other ‘sensitive’ sites.

How long will the chemicals last

This is extremely difficult to predict or forecast.  Inherent factors which contribute to the breakdown of insecticides after application are the make-up of the formulation matrices and chemistry of the active constituent molecules, along with the manufacturing techniques. 

External factors which degrade chemicals include oxidisation, temperature, ultraviolet light, relative humidity, surface moisture, ph of surfaces (alkalinity breaks down pesticides – eg. concrete, tiles, timber, metal and other similar, inert surface materials) and natural occurring microbes (particularly in the soil).

Other considerations can be the variety of solvents and cleaning agents associated with regular cleaning and sanitation activities by the property owner (which can present environmental issues in their own right).

So longevity of pesticide residues can vary considerably.  Hence the need for regular, scheduled maintenance type pest management programs (commercial & industrial facilities).

When you wash your car with the latest and greatest carwash product, it doesn’t stay clean forever.  Not long before It needs redoing.   Detergents don’t last forever, neither do insecticides.

The object of any pest service is to eliminate the pests which are there at the time and leave some residual to address potential pest activity for the near future (which can be measured in months, not years).  

Most people would worry if the chemicals used to treat their home were noxious enough to keep killing pests 12 months after being applied.

Are the chemicals damaging to the environment?

Our chosen formulations are intentionally manufactured to break down over time, therefore avoiding any potential to compound and build-up in our sensitive eco-systems.

How about non-pest species?

Our chosen formulations are intentionally manufactured to break down over time, therefore avoiding any potential to compound and build-up in our sensitive eco-systems

What’s the timeframe for a given product to achieve mortality on an insect?

Again, many contributing factors assist in determining this.  Not forgetting the influences which break down the formulations (previous section), one should also consider the pest species and it’s specific metamorphosis, specific stage of the lifecycle targeted, type of formulation (eg- emulsifiable concentrate, suspension concentrate, dust, gel bait), the components and of course, the pesticide group (synthetic pyrethroid, carbamate, chloronicotinyl, phenylpyrozole, oxydiazones, pyrroles, etc).

Also, the mode of action of the active molecule, along with possible routes of entry (through the insect’s cuticle, or spiracles, or orally, or a combination of these).   

Lastly but definitely not least, is the insect resistance issue.  All the above types of formulations have varying effects on different members of a pest population, with a corresponding potential effect for an insect, or strain of insects to develop a resistance or tolerance to a formulation or active ingredient, not dissimilar to humans and the varying effects of drugs and medications may have on a group of people.

What are the benefits of having regular pest services done?

Having a service done on a regular basis minimises any pest activity via a compounding effect of ongoing repeat treatments.

It reduces the risk of a minor pest intrusion developing into a major infestation which may jeopardise the health & safety of the family, staff or patrons and/or the structural integrity of the home or building.  

What can I expect from my Pest Control Service?

Results can vary.  As an example, Cockroach control, like the majority of pest control services is not a simple affair.  It is not like repairing a leaking tap with a new washer, or changing a light globe when it fails to work. 

We are dealing with living, breathing organisms, experts at survival.   Insects are the most enduring species on earth.

Not all cockroach breeding and harbourage sites can be found.   Therefore, ‘indirect’ eradication of the infestation via baiting may be the way to go.   This is often a slower process.

The only way to be totally free of pests would be to live inside a huge, ultra clean, air-tight bubble, with an artificial environment and controlled atmosphere.  Cockroaches and other insects readily fly in, just like mozzies, flies or bees.

Don’t expect to be totally free of cockroaches after the service every time.  We offer pest management. Total, permanent eradication is impossible.  We don’t subscribe to the ‘scorched earth’ policy.  It’s best to give the treatment 21 days to take full effect.

What is our service policy?

We continually strive to achieve minimal or no pest activity, with the health and safety of humans, animals and the environment given top priority.  All Pest Elite services are pest specific and tailored to each individual situation.  Our policy is to ensure clients are satisfied with their service.

We encourage our clients to let us know if they are dissatisfied with our service so we can find a solution and resolve the issue. 

Please be aware that effective pest control goes hand in hand with regular, thorough housekeeping and cleaning practices.  It is imperative that the level of sanitation and hygiene is kept to a high standard.  The co-operation of all parties is essential.