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We are a family-owned Sydney-based pest management company and are some of Sydney’s Pest Control Experts; based out of the Hills District, we service all of SydneyWe treat all common (and uncommon) household pests including Termites. We are also qualified & accredited to service all commercial, industrial, health care and food industry sectors.

After years spent working with the ‘big companies’ we grew fed up with their poor service and profit before clients policy. We knew we could do better. That’s how Pest Elite was born and we continue to strive for today. 

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Jessica Lee

It's hard to find a reliable pest control company who get the job done the first time, Pest Elite seem to know what they are doing and they are doing it right! Professional, knowledgeable and affordable, oh & they actually care about the environment! Would recommend to anyone.​

Michelle Dojcinoska

Highly recommended Pest Elite they are very professional, experienced with excellent results and reasonable prices.​

Raine & Horne Property Management

I recently started using Jake from Pest Elite after he was recommended to me. He is efficient, pleasant to deal and offers a long warranty for his work. I am very happy with the jobs he has completed for me and will continue to use his services. Thanks Jake! From the team @ Raine&Horne

Stephanie Margaret

Pest Elite solved my cockroach problem and I could not be more impressed with their professionalism and friendly service. Would recommend to everyone and will definitely use them again if needed!

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Pest Control FAQs

Barriers against termites are available in a variety of forms. In addition to sand and basaltic particles, stainless steel mesh barriers can also act as physical, non-chemical barriers. In addition to soil treatments, there are also plastic barriers that have been treated with termiticides.

There is no guarantee that a termite barrier will kill off termites that have already entered your home. However, it may be effective against termites that are still attempting to enter. Within three months, an external colony of termites will be killed by the termiticide contained in a termite barrier.

Without a doubt, chemical barriers are the most effective termite treatment for slab homes. The product Termidor provides 8 years of protection for your home, and we use and recommend it.

At Pest Elite, we provide a 12 month guarantee on eradication of cockroaches. 

It is necessary to combine an insecticide to eliminate active cockroaches, a bait for eliminating hidden roaches, and an IGR to prevent their reproduction in order to completely eliminate cockroaches. Use glue boards to monitor the presence of cockroaches. To completely eliminate roaches, it may take anywhere from three weeks to six months