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  • Signs that I have mites?

Some species of plant-feeding mites produce webbing and silk like spider mites. They also can cause discoloration of leaves and eventually make the leaves drop. Other mites like the clover mite can easily be seen due to their bright red coloration.

Mite signs depend greatly on the species of mite. Most are very difficult to see clearly without magnification. However, their movement across a surface can sometimes be detected.

  • How serious are mites?

Mites are a broad category of pests that do a variety of damage. Some mites feed on stored grain and cheese products, while others are biting pests. Bites are small and usually not painful, producing only mild skin irritation. Frequent itching caused by mites may lead to more serious bacterial infections. On the other hand, dust mites are one of the most common allergens and can even trigger asthma attacks.

How do I get mites?

How mites get into the house or yard depends on their species. Clover mites often enter through tiny cracks by the thousands. Well-fertilized lawns with fruit trees or gardens attract them. Other types, like dust mites are almost always found inside homes, while chiggers, and rodent or bird mites attach themselves to a host, they can hitchhike into homes on people and pets.