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These are photos of original photos taken before digital cameras were widely available

Enormous termite colony under dining room – Bondi 1985. Entire flooring and roofing throughout the whole home had been destroyed by termites (even furniture)

The home was condemned. However, it was not bull-dozed due to double brick construction which was the only saving grace. After eradicating the colony, we dug it out and removed it bit by bit

Another Termite Job – June 1999

The termites were right through the wall framing.

Cost of repairs totalled $65,000 (in 1999 dollars)

The owners did not have regular timber pest inspections done…………….but they did have it inspected when they bought it 2 years earlier. The offending termite colony had been there for years but was missed during the pre-purchase inspection

Scottish Hospital Paddington – Heritage listed

Extensive termite damage throughout the building including upper level balconies

Upper level verandah bearer

We treated the active termites in the building and installed our own perimeter termite baiting system. This was before the proprietary termite baiting systems currently available

There were large structural roofing timbers scalloped out like canoes

The same termite susceptible timbers had to be used to replace the damaged timbers to comply with Heritage Listing requirements

Termite colony under main building of leading Sydney private college. Their previous pest services company didn’t find this during inspections?

Not all pest companies are created equal

Termite job – early 2002 Billiard Room

Billiard Room seating (all timber)

Inter-connected nest around the windows in the wall also

Termite nest under the entire 7 metre long internal step

We located the original termite colony in a nearby tree (which collapsed a few months later) eradicated it and then treated the termites in the structure. They had damaged structural timbers in the walls & roof and were also in an en-suite at the other end of the home