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  • How serious can a Spider infestation be?

While most spiders pose little or no danger to people, some species can deliver venomous bites that may cause itching, a burning type pain, skin problems & even death. There are 3 different families of spider, webbing spiders, free range spiders & ground dwelling spiders. Ground dwelling spiders are the most serious as they carry the most sever venum. E.G the Sydney funnel web, trap door spiders, wolf spiders etc. Most webbing spiders & free range spider do carry a small amount of venum, however it usually is nowhere near as severe & does not require hospital treatment unless the person bitten has a sever reaction.

  • How do I get Spiders around & in my house?

Loose screens and cracks under doors, windows, and other openings are all possible entryways for a spider. These pests may move indoors while searching for food, mates, warmth, or moisture. The presence of insects and other prey in homes is a common reason for spiders to come inside. Spiders hang out in dark moist areas, looking for Cockroaches & other insects to feast on, the most common areas are subfloors, wall cavities & roof voids.