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Pests and your Health

Pigeons & Other Pest Birds

Pest birds, such as pigeons, starlings, mynhas & sparrows, can create significant problems for homes, factories, warehousing complexes, shopping centres, restaurants and just about any type of building structure.  Nuisance birds left unattended can often lead to birds nesting in and defacing domestic homes and other building facades which can result in both extensive internal and external damage.  In addition, there are other residual problems relating to bird that require attention like, bird mites, ticks, and other ectoparasites that can attack people, especially when birds have vacated the nest.

But pest birds can present more than just a nuisance problem to home-owners and facility managers.  Birds and their droppings can carry more than 60 pathogenic diseases that can invade and infect humans?  These include respiratory diseases like Histoplasmosis, Aspergillosis & Cryptococcosis – some of which can be fatal. 

Birds residing where they’re not meant to can also cause safety issues.  There have actually been reports of bridges collapsing due to bird dropping build-up.   If the bird excrement isn’t cleaned away, it dries into a concentrated salt.  When moisture or humidity combines with the salt and ammonia, it creates small electrochemical reactions which rust the steel superstructure underneath.

There are a variety of methods and technologies to assist with feral bird control, including bird deterrent spikes, trapping & removal, physical and visual deterrents, deterrent wire systems, electric shock track (harmless) and netting.  

Fire Hazard –

Bird nests located on top of security lights can burst into flame.  Nests inside lighted signs or other electrical equipment can start fires.  Birds have also caused deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning when their nests blocked ventilation or exhaust systems.

Corrosion of Surfaces –

Bird droppings are very acidic and can eat away at construction materials.  An accumulation of droppings can shorten the life span of a roof considerably.  Buildings with a bird problem have to be cleaned, painted, and repaired more often.  Droppings also eat into the protective coatings on cars, boats and planes. 

The solution to your bird problem maybe simple or it may require a combination of measures, but whatever’s needed, PEST ELITE can provide effective prevention and control via proven bird management techniques tailored to suit the specific site and individual problem.   We also provide bird proofing services ie: sealing up of bird entry points into roof spaces, including re-bedding and repointing of roof tiles where needed.   This avoids having to find a roofer to do these repairs.

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