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Termite Jobs

The importance of having regular thorough timber pest inspections done by an experienced & qualified pest inspector cannot be under-estimated

A Large 2 level, slab on ground homestead infested with termites

The termites had come through the block wall and into timber battens which supported the wall linings

An entertainment room with in-fill slab adjoined the front of the wine cellar. Termites were entering there also. 

This was another section under the staircase. The timber wine racking was in trouble

The timber framing inside the front foyer & up through the stairwell was also being severely attacked, as were scattered areas of the ground floor wall & ceiling framing.

The termite damage came out of the walls and into the window frames

Active termites inside the architraves

We see a lot of this

Termites – Kellyville  1998

The home had been ‘treated’ by 3 other pest companies but all had missed the nest between the 2 levels

Some of the damaged structure and colony removed

Commercial termite job

Timber lined service cable duct

Timber lining completely decimated

The solution was termite baiting

Remnants of timber fencing from termites.  The fences were finished but  we still had to find & eradicate the termite colony

The area was re-zoned for high-density living and they wanted to avoid having to build on top of termite nests

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