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About Cockroach Treatments

German Cockroaches in particular breed inside kitchen appliances. Cockroaches are removed from the appliances in a specific way to avoid damage or malfunction

Cockroach monitoring traps full of German Roaches    /     Poor Cleaning & Sanitation attract roaches

Perfect haven for cockroaches – proper garbage management is crucial

Cockroaches & flies love dirty drains

Drains should be thoroughly cleaned regularly

Easy for flying & crawling pests to get inside through these doors

Gaps under doors and openings anywhere in the building fabric encourages cockroaches  & other pests to come inside and set up home.  Seal them up!

Cockroach harbourages need to be sealed up.   PEST ELITE can do this if the client doesn’t have time or doesn’t know how

But it’s really up to the clients to clean up spillages & repair leaks

Where do we treat? We treat wherever they hide in homes or businesses

German roaches breeding behind a metal scuff plate
  • Cracks & crevices
  • Roof voids & ceilings
  • Wall cavities (particularly in homes)
  • Cooking / food prep. equipment / shelving
  • Kitchen appliances / machinery
  • Drains & grease traps
  • Garbage areas
  • Plant rooms
  • Storage areas
  • Service risers
  • Sinks, bathrooms & toilets
  • Staff amenities (meal rooms & locker rooms)

Planter boxes made the perfect cockroach haven (moisture, mould, fungus, fertilizer) for the larger species of cockroaches

Treating subfloors for Cockroaches is essential

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